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Basic Ceramic Making (Hand building 1)

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

In this fun, short course in Ceramic for Beginner: Handbuilding 1, participants will learn and explore the three handbuilding techniques used in making ceramic products: Pinching, Coiling, and Slabbing. We will start from the very basic but essential knowledge and skills, such as using the right tools, learning the characteristics of natural clay, and preparing the clay, to ensure that you understand every step needed to start your own studio. Along the journey, we will be making cups, bowl, containers, etc.
In the last week of the course, you will learn about how to find ideas for your own studio. We will equip you with the right business tools for you to kickstart your ceramic studio by developing the skills that you have just acquired in the previous weeks.

Bachelor Degree

Credit : 1 Indonesian Credit System

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the hand-building techniques in ceramic and boost creativity

  2. Understand the material clay and how to make things with it

  3. Learn/attempt to make a functional object, that starts from just an idea

  4. Understand, appreciate and be able to make one-of-a-kind pottery of your own



Module 1: Introduction to Ceramic Making

  • Understanding the material, clay
  • Basic wedging and kneading techniques
  •  Clay preparation and its stages
  • Tools in ceramic making

Module 2: Pinching and Slabbing in Clay

  • Introduction to Pinching and Slabbing
  • Making a cup and decorative home décor with the Pinching technique
  • Making a tray and container box with Slabbing technique

Module 3: Coiling in Clay

  • Coiling technique in clay
  • Slip and score
  •  Creative coiling – types of coils

Module 4: PEM Diagram to Find Business Ideas; Innovation Strategy Canvas and Marketing Plan for Creative Business

  • Using acrylic paint for your ceramic products
  • Find your business ideas
  • PEM Diagram


Geoffrey Tjakra, BFA, MFA

[email protected]  

Geoffrey Tjakra, BFA, MFAis a lecturer in the Product Design Study Program. He teaches Ceramic, Handicraft, and Product Design Studio courses. His areas of interest include ceramics and handicrafts. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fine Arts from California State University.





  1. Nomor Kursus

  2. Kelas Dimulai

  3. Kelas Berakhir

  4. Estimated Effort

    8 weeks, @ 180 min/ week
  5. Bahasa

  6. Tipe Mata Kuliah

    Self Paced
  7. Harga

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