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Travel Industry Business: How to Prepare and Submit Quotation

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course :

Prepare and submit Quotation ideals with skills and knowledge required to prepare and forward accurate and comprehensive quotations for products and services to customers in a range of settings within the travel industries workplace context.

This course is self-paced course.

Bachelor Degree

Credit : 3 Indonesian Credit System

Learning Objective :

 After finishing this course, student will be able to prepare and submit accurate and comprehensive Quotation and closing the sale.

Outline :

Element 1: Identify the Context of Quotation

  1. Identify the focus for Quotation

  2. Identify the details for Quotation

Element 2: Prepare the Quotation

  1. Establish files to record the Quotation

  2. Identify appropriate supplier and provider alternatives

  3. Calculate costs of products and services required for the Quotation

  4. Identify terms and conditions that apply to the Quotation

  5. Submit draft Quotation for approval

  6. Amend draft Quotation, as required

  7. Record and file the approved Quotation

Element 3: Submit the Quotation

  1. Identify the required submission method

  2. Provide the Quotation

  3. Explain and expand on the Quotation

  4. Encourage questions from the client

  5. Advise client of action to make booking

Element 4: Follow-up the Quotation

  1. Advise client of any changes that will affect the provided Quotation

  2. Provided additional advice and assistance, as requested

  3. Maintain contact with the client

  4. Implement action to close the sale

  5. Record changes to, and communications, regarding the Quotation




Reagan Brian, S.ST., M.M.

[email protected]  


Stephanie Theodora Mulyono, S.ST., M.Par.

[email protected]


Yustisia Kristiana, S.ST., M.M.

[email protected]



Anugerah Agungputranto, S.Tr.Par. 

[email protected]


Course Development Team:

  1. Jose Rizalito B Cabayan Jr. MBA, CGSP, CHIA (Lyceum of the Philippines University,  Philippines)

  2. Ana Marie J. Chua (Lyceum of the Philippines University,  Philippines)

  3. Yustisia Kristiana, S.ST., M.M. (Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia)

  4. Reagan Brian, S.ST., M.M. (Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia)

  5. Stephanie Theodora Mulyono, S.ST., M.Par. (Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia)

  6. Anugerah Agungputranto, S.Tr.Par. (Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia)

  1. Nomor Kursus

  2. Kelas Dimulai

  3. Kelas Berakhir

  4. Estimated Effort

    8 week, @180 min/week
  5. Bahasa

  6. Tipe Mata Kuliah

    Self Paced
  7. Harga

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